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Gangstalking is Gaslighting on Steroids

When your reality shapeshifts right before you, for no reason, none you can identify at least in the moment, you find yourself depending solely on your habits and your routine. It can drive you crazy or it can be an opportunity for immense grounding. You get centered back within yourself to a degree you'll much appreciate later. 

Solid advice to get through it is - to journal and keep a record of everything you’re experiencing. Asking for help gets tricky because it’s a game of perception, you know you’ll look very unstable trying to explain what’s going on, and there’s a good chance you’ll be looked at as the problem by others. Even if you have tangible evidence, others will try to find faults with you for something that's happening to you. The situation won't get fixed instantaneously, no matter how much you voice it. It might pause temporarily, or get worse, but won't stop. Going through it for extended periods of time tends to take a toll on you. I’d suggest keeping your cool and letting it play out. Gangstalking attempts to control you and your mood levels, but if you can get a grip and have more control over your own life, thoughts, and actions, that's most of the battle already won.

Gang-stalking is designed to tire your mind out and program you to stop self expression to the broader public, and even your immediate circle of friends and family around you. Somewhere 2/5th of the journey, people tend to jump the gun and doubt everyone associated with everyone, and that usually costs you your sanity. But this is good, because behind that facade of utter paranoia you’re getting closer to learning valuable protection tactics, and the ability to sense darker forces working through people. You'll be spending a lot of quality alone time. In this time of isolation, how you choose to exist is the defining pivot for your sanity, and your way to get out of this elaborate trap set by a handful of others. Isolation isn't always bad, even if forced upon you.

You’re clearly doing something right if you’re a targeted individual. The most important thing is to keep yourself healthy, physically, mentally, and emotionally. Devote time to making nurturing food, working out, meditating, listening to music, dancing, and connecting with others, even if they’re strangers. Devote time to having a balanced routine, journaling, crying, feeling all the feelings. You do not want to suppress what you’re experiencing. It needs to be expressed in a balanced way - that’s key. And I'd say that’s the point of it all. The lesson gangstalking tries to teach one is how to be a balanced human being, even though that’s not the intention behind it, by whoevers, per se.

While it lasts, know that you have certain individuals who are really gunning for you and your mental sanity by manipulating the perception of you to others around you, be it through tempting you into acting out from a paranoid version of yourself, or through mass manipulation i.e. throwing around rumours like confetti. You can try going up the rumour mill to clear your name but I'd say there's no point in that, live and let live. Depicting you to be a victim of circumstance that the stalkers are officially behind, gives them so much control over everyone around you and their own self image and agenda at your expense, be it for clout, hatred, revenge, or keeping their old ways going because they perceive your authenticity as a threat to their faulty foundations. 

Retaliate, but in a healthy way. A healthy way would be through thought out self-expression, and NOT aggression. When faced with a mountain of lies, deception, and manipulation, anger is a common reaction to have. But don't go ballistic. Release emotions in a processed way, channel that energy of anger for something useful. It’s likely you will not be able to share what you’re going through on a daily basis with anyone around you, or ask for help, but that’s alright, it works out as long as you’re keeping yourself busy with other activities that matter to you and you’re able to have conversations about those. It’s mandatory you get out there and create new connections even through your paranoia. People are kind, especially new people. Everyone has a time in their life when they're actively going through radioactive things and one can just tell by looking. Seek kindness, and exude love. Giving is receiving so don’t isolate and expect to be rescued. Be your rescue and rescue others because there’s also a different kind of liberation in that. 

At the end of the day, or year, no therapist, no relative, no friend can help you get through your emotions. You must learn to become a master of self, it’s the only way through. It’s a blessing. It teaches you self-love. And you gain respect in the process, of your admirers and your bullies. Systems may seem larger than individuals, but frequency is frequency. How you show up in the world, what you express, how you’re perceived, all plays out powerfully. 

Revert back to your basics, and your healthy presence will make everyone who played a part really introspect why they are the way they are and what they can improve in themselves as opposed to dissecting another's life and well-being. Power, control, and money tend to be the sole driving factors for these incidents, but best believe consequences are inevitable in their personal lives when you stay in your own lane and are able to keep a balance in your own life. It’s natural law. What one puts out is what one gets back.

The power of self demands tests. It demands gangstalking. It demands respect. Grow a thick skin, be safe and vigilant, and vibrate on the highest frequency, love, and you’ll be untouchable by thoughts of torment being projected at you by others, that you could easily mistake to be your own if not cared for. Journal your forgiveness. Forgive the people with no faces. It's not for them, it's for you. In forgiving you find peace. And in journaling you find truth. So forgive, don’t forget, and thrive. Life, people, and connections are all valuable. Kudos on reaching this level and passing these devils.