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What Is Faith? And Why Have It?

What is the 3d world/life all about? 

Relationships and money used to be my perception. That was true, for like five minutes, more like 19 years. Then I got betrayed by everyone I loved and trusted in all kinds of ways, let's not forget, betrayed by even the ones I didn't love or trust, but I don't keep a record of that as much for obviousness. No money and no human helps your state of being once you reach the 21 of swords. Your consciousness gets designed to depend on itself. But it's not all for nothing. It gifts you faith.

Faith is perseverance due rewards. Perseverance to reach a goal, job, house, relationship? No. I mean sure but that's the tip of the iceberg. Perseverance towards your truest self. Faith is a tough road but it shows you the real golden way of being.

Isn't that what we're all trying to find? Us. Ourselves. In conversations, parties, get-togethers, schools, universities, our jobs, our livelihoods, in others, in isolation, we're trying to find an aspect of self, be it through validation or through inspiration. The best versions of ourselves, our higher selves. Our own reflections in others, or maybe the reflection of the ones we loved the most in others who we end up loving or even hating? Needless to point out, what we love about others, we end up embodying. Call it shapeshifting, call it inspired action. And just that way what we hate about others is a mirror into ourselves and our unresolved pasts. Equally valuable. 

Even a low-vibrational act done for the self counts as a deed done for good. So then freely be selfish? I am not promoting selfishness, or maybe I am. Let's reword this. I am promoting self-love/self-realisation. The fine line here is doing something for yourself but not at the expense of consciously hurting someone else for it. Because where's the peace in that? Honestly even if it was at the expense of another, it'll take you closer to who you are, and who you want to be. You'll get some heavy duty karma in the process but that's a catalyst for your soul, and a supposed inhibitor in your reality. When you operate from your heart space for self, you can't help but let that vibration flow into nurturing people, places, and things around you. You’re not an infinite well, but love is. So as long as you're prioritising your balance first, you'll be able to pour into other people regularly, call it healthy boundaries. Judgement goes out of the window. No let's not box ourselves. Judgement goes into the soil, and you're simply being with other beings. Golden.

And that is what a fun existence is about. Not clout based off of money, not conditional love in relationships and friendships, but true love, peace, and happiness for you and the collective consciousness. So in the journey of clout chasing, and betrayals, and drama, and trauma, and pain, and depression, and life events, you're moving closer to the truth of yourself, the truth of life, the truth of relaxation, and truth of purity, the truth of faith, of god and energy work.

Why have faith? Have faith knowing you're bound to reach yourself, doesn’t matter if you believe in faith or not, god or not. And it's completely up to you, you wanna drive in a spiritual car or a bus on this journey of faith, or just walk, or maybe just stand. Your focus, your determination, your confusion, your perception, your you, is all yours. It's all homework for knowledge and truth, this 3d matrix. So if you're not able to make sense of things and see the patterns in life, you'll reach there, life will build you up for it, this lifetime or the next. Consciousness only expands. It can't shrink. After knowing something you can't un-know. You might trip and repeat cycles of life, but eventually you'll be moving only forward. This a deep knowing everyone is born with. Even if you forget, it comes back. So all I’m saying, I guess, is simply, chillax in faith, and be good ffs, keep your karma fit. Drive in a sexy spiritual sports car yk? or at the very least don't be asleep out here in these streets. But, do you. You got this.