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We are seeking a Visual Development Artist to join our team at AlterConnect. The ideal candidate should have good human and animal anatomy skills as well as lighting and color theory aspects. Must be comfortable in working with a decent variety of styles, from cartoony to realistic. A solid understanding of 2D to 3D translations. Areas of expertise to include one or more of the following: set/location/props design; character/costume design; special effects design; storyboarding and layouts; concept art illustrations; matte painting skills; having a good knowledge of cinematic theories.

- Create storyboards for given scripts and sequences, work closely with art directors and producers on the projects.

- Create multiple character designs to be then translated into 3D models. Also work on the textures of 3D assets.

- Translate the vision for the film/script/game to a formal presentation using a range from rough sketches to rendered digital imagery.

- Create character and environment concepts, color scripts, color keys, lighting studies, mood paintings and production illustrations.

- Contribute to graphic design elements for various projects and the marketing of the projects.


- Proficiency in blending different artistic styles and techniques

- Good knowledge of Maya, Substance 3D painter, Procreate, Photoshop, Cintiq and other relevant software tools

- Understanding of color theory and lighting components in artwork, with a good grasp of a CG 3D production pipeline

- Good communication skills, ability to give artistic feedback to make frames have smoother transitions, and a upfront and contributing attitude in general for team work

- The ability to work creatively in a fast paced production environment under pressure

- (Optional/Preferred: Access to a personal drawing tablet for faster work turnarounds as the position is remote-based.)