We feed our own curiosity.
Our primary goal is research for our own interests.
We experiment in the legal, technological, social, economic, religious, and spiritual field; satisfying our own personal needs. From this independent perspective we can freely investigate into whatever we are interested in.
We understand the things that happen around us and to us.

We believe there is no greater good and no greater force than God himself.
Spirituality or no spirituality, our souls are answerable to The Almighty, and every other deity that works towards bringing balance to this world we live in. 
Our views are that one does not need to adopt any particular consciousness raising practices to be united with God.
To do God’s work, one simply needs to have a connection and surrender to the love in his heart.

That said, our views on spiritual knowledge is that it is a journey meant to be experienced and unlocked by individuals on their own time and accord after having passed through certain experiences in their own lifespans. However, in today’s fast paced digital world, we also believe that certain knowledge to protect self and to use for self-growth should be made accessible to all. We encourage you to respect it as a tool, and just that, for self growth, protection, and awareness. 

With the industries that we spend hours on end with on our screens, ranging from advertising services, music and film clips, to even news, and trending stories, to be aware of our consumption of the quality of what we are being shown through AI personalized feeds, and the subtle energy impact it has on us, should be our responsibility to deal with as viewing consumers. We believe it is important to have this knowledge, to be able to protect selves from subtle projection work, and live a more mindful and actionable lifestyle. 

Spirituality consists of a dual nature, it is also sometimes named magic, as the word suggests, is the world of perspectives, the world of study of energy. To put it simply, on the other side of magic is self-discipline. As goes with all religions and their teachings, to have discipline is the key to soul growth.

A common perception of the stigma around learning energy work rises from how there have been cases of people since the beginning of time who have accessed this knowledge and felt more connected and in tune with the cosmos than others, making them dangerously light-headed about their responsibilities to the craft and towards others. People overcome by any of the 7 deadly sins, tend to misuse their abilities and intentions for selfish gain at the detriment of others. Even the toughest of practitioners get tested regularly to follow the path of righteousness - a path rooted in love.

Being a powerful tool that has stayed hidden to certain classes, people, and industries. It has traditionally been perceived to be something mostly only women mastered, something unholy, and something forbidden. Spirituality being more popular in eastern cultural teachings, is often looked at as the Devil’s work in western lands. Still popular with indigenous practices and in black cultural heritage, there exists distributed awareness about colors, energy, and mindfulness practices.

With the wave of the new age movement followed by their subsequent industrious scams, the banishment of this knowledge was once again worked upon for the public to be skeptical of eastern teachings as a whole, deploying political dividing control structures in place. We believe using the knowledge of spirituality does not make one guilty or charged of sins as long as one does not abuse the knowledge, as goes with anything else in life.

If made aware of energy work, to use the knowledge wisely and only from a space of love would be the biggest responsibility and challenge one would face. With that stated upfront as a big disclaimer in our manifesto, in our works we present our understanding of the craft.

Through our short films, games, apparels, and media production work, we aim to offer post cyber, post industry, and post magic creations rooted in free-thinking, healing, and the primaries of the ascension arts. In our works we also explore religious and ancient teachings, values, and various cultures and their notions. 

Piece will be extended…